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Our Focus

We design & Develop quality products to help small & medium level businesses.
Website Design & Development

Application Portals for contact management, project management, accounting, communication and other aspects of business.


We are both a full-service Internet marketing optimization company with full agency consultant online services, as well as an information resource for effective do-it-yourself search engine marketing strategies and plans.

Web Security

We provide both Penetration Testing & Website Security. We employ the brightest security analysts around the world. Highly Skilled and trained security professional each brings a unique perspective to your case.

Web Hosting

CyberAoN provides secure and reliable hosting service, to ensure your websites are accessible online, all the time. We administer our very own tier-leveled servers. This gives us immediate and direct access to the servers which host our clients websites.

Each and everyone of our employees represent the spirit of our company.

About US

We Build Our Digital World

When you engage CyberAoN Technologies, you work with smart, hard-working crew who know a great deal about the web and how it can be used to drive business. Our team stays current with design, development, technology and also web security through the latest trends. We have been providing high-quality web design, web development services and support to businesses and individuals across a wide range of organisations and industries with more than 1,500 websites created to date, our experience is extensive.

  • Web Design & Development
  • Internet Marketing


  • Web Security

    Provides Security to any sort of Websites

  • App Development

    Mobile App Design & Development


Our Team

Our in-house blend of programmers, developers, server technicians and hosting specialists.
Md Azharuddin
Azhar’s experience in Internet Development ranges across many languages, coding within PHP and MySQL database situated websites. His customer service philosophy can be summed up in two words: promise and deliver. He strengths his enthusiasm to become a part of every client’s business – and to help make it work.
Rajat Karmarkar
COO & Techinical Officer
Rajat is a Security Analyst & Pentration Tester and takes initiative and has ultimate responsibility for all technology updates and oversees current versions, tools and creates relevant policy for our clients.
Kali Prasad Sahani
Security Operations & VAPT
Kali Prasad worked as VAPT Engineer in Aircel Data Center. He is Skilled in Performing Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing (VAPT), Application Auditing to identify the Vulnerable System and Applications. He is passion about Information Sec & involved in research of new arena of security hacks.
N B Sri Harsha
Web Application Security Analyst
Harsha is expertise in Web application security testing (Manual & Automated) based on standards such as OWASP, cross-site scripting (XSS) & performing VAPT. Assuring the security assessments meet the standards including OWASP, SANS, ISO 27001 etc. and formal reporting of the findings from the web application to the clients.
Deepak Kumar Nath
Data Administrator
Deepak works on a variety of web and mobile based applications in addition to assisting with internal web server management. In his free time he enjoys development projects to learn new things, and improve his skill set. As an entrepreneur and CEO of GTP, also responsible for running all aspects of the business.
Ch Srinivas
CTO & Web Developer
Usually the first person clients encounter when contacting Cyberaon, Srinivas develops websites as hobby and troubleshoots email, website, domain name and other issues, and oversees client tutorials. He is an excellent multi-tasker.
Harsha Vardhan
CTO & Security Analyst
Harsha coordinates the details that transform client ideas into reality. He’s responsible for all the things, front-end, is driven by enjoying usability and focused, sensibly designed systems. Most of his time is spent in making things interact or appear in accordance with our client’s desires and expectations.
Sudip Ghosh
Project Manager
Sudip has great experience with various clients overseas on cloud based projects. He specializes in Python and MySQL development, and also has a growing passion for front-end technologies and client-side applications.

Choose A Package

We can also customize a hosting package to fit your spefific needs. Contact us today for more information!
Cloud Web Hosting


  • Permanent DDOS Protection
  • Free SEO & CDN Tools
  • Dedicated 24x7 Support
  • RAID-10 Disks
  • ECC Enterprise Grade Hardware
  • Pre-Installed Scripts
  • Dedicated IP's
  • cPanel with Amazing Tools!
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Virtual Private Server


  • Full Root Access
  • 6 Locations
  • Dedicated 24x7 Support
  • RAID-10 Disks
  • ECC Enterprise Grade Hardware
  • Free Reinstalls/Reboots
  • 20 Operating Systems
  • Cloud Connectivity
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Dedicated Servers


  • Full Root Access
  • 6 Locations
  • Dedicated 24x7 Support
  • RAID-10 Disks
  • ECC Enterprise Grade Hardware
  • Free Reinstalls/Reboots
  • Dedicated Hardware
  • Cloud Connectivity
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Additional Services


  • Servers Over 90 Locations
  • Dedicated CDN
  • 2 TB/ps Network
  • Website Development
  • Server Data Optimization
  • Website Management
  • SSL Certificates
  • Intergation with Google Cloud
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