Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) Bollywood’s latest songs portal and also includes Hindi music & Download mp3s online including Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, International and also Videos of Many Nationals. More...

by Kazarian | Published 3 weeks ago

Best 10in Tablets of 2013


The days of the netbook are over, so if you don’t like carrying around big heavy laptops but want to have a mobile computing device capable of being used for both work and More...

20 Top Best Apps for Tablet Computer


Purchased a new iPad or Tablet and don’t know what apps to get? Try the following EnterBlockednment BBC iPlayer Watch TV shows from the Beeb, or download them offline. Spotify Stream More...

Windows 8 Tablets Will Account for Just 5-8% in 2013


When Microsoft first released Windows 8, its licensing fees were rather high. That, along with the limited options for x86 tablet processors, caused Windows 8 slates to be More...

AFRINIC Hacked !!

AFRINIC Hacked !!

Before some days AFRINIC (African Network Information Center) Subdomain was hacked by a hacker from MaDleeTs AFRINIC is the regional Internet registry (RIR) for Africa, Website More...

3 cyber threats you need to know about today

  As German politicians ponder a return to mechanical typewriters in the wake of the United States’ surveillance scandal, it is clear that the wonders of technology More...

What to expect: iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5S


Apple will launch a new iPhone this year. Apple does it every year. The iPhone 6 will likely arrive in September and it More...



Samsung has reportedly announced its plans to roll out the Galaxy S5 smartphone that would include ‘iris More...

Casio-GzOne-Commando Solid Android Phone

Verizon just made the Casio G’z0ne Commando LTE official: it’s a super-sturdy Android device in the...

Cloud-Storage CLOUD STORAGE :Google Drive Vs. Copy

Now days every one wondering about cloud storage.Which one to choose and which company is providing...

xperia-tablet-z-hero-black-PS-1280x840-c365d9d2bbeb5a70b3b82065e86e1ce1 Sony Xperia Tablet Z is now available for the masses

So you happen to be in the market to pick up a spanking new tablet, but...



Two Pakistani Hackers  Pakistani Haxors on Fire Dr@cul@ & Muhammad Bilal BoxeD 20,000 Indian Site, knocked More...

Hackers Take Down Pakistan Government Sites

Elite Hacktivist Group – League of Assassins openly took down Pakistan Government Server ( The hacking was just the latest of a major..

Another Pakistan Server Owned n Defaced by Indian Haxor’s

Pakistani Server (IP: has been Hacked, Rooted and Compromised by Indian Hackers H4x4rw0w & Pr4th4m by keeping a deface page as lol.html as..

Coinbase Offers $10 Worth of Bitcoin to AnyPerk Users

Coinbase Offers $10 Worth of Bitcoin to AnyPerk Users

coinbase_logo There’s an interesting initiative going on right now in the bitcoin industry. Companies working More...

Judge Rejects CoinLab Complaint on Mt. Gox Revival

Earlier today, news broke that former Mt. Gox partner and creditor CoinLab had issued a formal complaint against a plan proposed..

BitPay Processing $1 Million Per Day

Running a bitcoin payment gateway is nothing short of big business. Thousands of merchants around the world rely on these services..


whmcs_logo WHMCS 5.2.7 SQLI INJECTION So, Friends and Enemies here is the Lastest Vulnerability Leaked in Black Hackers Market for WHMCS Vulnerability.. Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) Bollywood’s latest songs portal and also includes Hindi music & Download mp3s online including Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, International and..
LOL and Dota2 Hacked

Hacker Takes Down LoL, DoTA 2, Blizzard and EA Servers

The hacker group “DERP” is attacking the servers of games played by popular Twitch streamer James “Phantoml0rd” Varga. A group or..
wifi white-hat attacks

wifi white-hat attacks

Hello guys this is  W4RL0CK  form cyberaon Today the hacks are about the white hat tricks in wifi network what happens..
Carders - Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud – Most Common Cyber Crime Online – Carders

Credit Card Fraud or Carding (online slang) is known as the most common Internet Crime of 2014. How Hackers get your..

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